Pet Rescue

All you want to know about Pet Rescue. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Pet Rescue - All you want to know about Pet Rescue. How to play, tips and even cheats.

How To Play Pet Rescue

How to play Pet Rescue

Darling puppies, kittens, baby birds and others have been trapped in a burning building, and it is up to you to rescue them! Pet Rescue is a puzzle game, based in Facebook. Make your way through a collection of levels. Rescue pets from the malicious animal catchers!

Before getting started in learning how to play Pet Rescue, this guide will provide you with tips and information on how to play your best game.                                                                    Pet Rescue is free, just log-on to Facebook, Click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page to play. When at the Pet Rescue screen for the first time, starting up the game for the first time, you may need to approve certain permissions before you can play. No worries, you’re almost there!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pet Rescue consists of a few factors. Knowing those factors will help you to know how to play Pet Rescue. The game’s currency, is (easily enough) Coins. Earning coins is done by you by completing puzzles and using them to purchase power-ups. The power-ups that you are given during gameplay are very scarce and should be treated with the appropriate level of importance. If you have power-ups left over, don’t just use them for the sake of it, it costs you points. At the same time, Use your power-ups.  Basically, you want to use power-ups when you need clear columns or lines, leaving blocks of the same color left over to complete the board.

You’ll start with a maximum of 5 lives, illustrated by a number within a heart. Every time you successfully complete a puzzle, life will not be deducted. However, every time you a puzzle is not complete properly, you will have one less life. When you’re down to nothing – 0 lives, you will no longer be able to play until your lives recharge. It takes about half an hour for a life to charge. As soon as you’re lower than 5, it will automatically start the countdown to recharge. The game is a social network (Facebook) based game.  If you have friends gifting you lives, bear in mind that once you reach the limit of 5 Lives, any more will be a waist. – From the Options menu, you can access game options. You can also choose to leave puzzles, though you will lose one life for doing so. The meter that is shown at the side of every puzzle shows your completion of the puzzle, and shows how close you are to 100% block completion. Your current score is shown at the bottom of the screen. There is also a meter here with lines and stars, which show you how high your score needs to be to obtain a higher star rank.Once you complete a stage; you will be taken to the Map. there, you can select the level you’d like to play. Levels that can be selected with have a colored patch and a number visible. Levels that cannot yet be accessed will appear to be plain. When you’ve completed a level, a certain number of stars will then appear over that space, displaying your score rank. When you’d like to play a level, simply click on that space.

So, how to play Pet Rescue?

  • Click on a group of two or more crates of the same color to remove them. You can make large groups to score points.
  • Get the animals out of the crates and down to the ground.
  • Get fire extinguishers for making large groups. Use them to put out the fires by clicking them before they spread!
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